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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Note: most of work is behind-the-scenes, thus the short portfolio.

Boxbe, an anti-spam email management service, has a fully-"Web 2.0"-style website, complete with glossy buttons and fade effects. On a more serious note, they handle hundreds of thousands of users' precious email on a daily basis (upwards of 10 billion emails processed so far).

Most of my work at Boxbe was back-end: part of a small team coding the core server processes that handle the email processing. I also worked on general system design, improving database efficiency, server maintenance, and so forth.

A fair amount of my work was in the "middle tier" -- designing Freemarker templates, manipulating dynamically-generated content, debugging javascript-side issues, and altering layout, so that all those menu highlights and tooltips work just right.

Dreaming Otter Arts is the website of none other than my mother, Beverly Connor. It's a good example of a basic, get-the-job-done-but-make-it-pretty website: it's based on Joomla, a content management system that allows the client (my mother, in this case, who is not the most tech-savvy person you've met, to say the least) to modify their website themselves without needing a web designer around.

This site features several graceful slideshows showcasing her work, simple integration with PayPal for itemized purchases from her site, a blog, a contact page, RSS syndication integration, social media links, and even an associated custom video: a time lapse animation of her knitting a doll, including custom music (mom's get a good deal on web sites).

This is a website I created for my own musical endeavors. It was custom-built to be fully cross-browser compatible (including IE6), unique in appearance, fixed-layout, dynamic in content (see the discography page or the shows page), and rich with media without feeling obtrusive of clunky.

This site is a bit unusual in some ways... it loads the entire content of site on the first pageload which allows it to switch between "pages" without any network delay. Much of the content is loaded dynamically (e.g. album, lyric, and show date information) when the user demands. All of the imagery, layout, and sound is custom-made. A "home-made" aesthetic was achieved with hand-drawn menu options, natural imagery, and simple layout.

A lot of effort went in to making sure the site looked and functioned exactly the same on all common browsers, including the dreaded IE6, and that the user experience would be smooth and uncluttered. For example, see the email signup page: custom javacsript adds a simple touch that makes the form easier to use. The discography page dynamically loads the various albums (from standardized XML description files), allows all tracks to be played or downloaded (at user-selectable quality levels), and has a few other bells and whistles waiting to be discovered.